The idea takes shape in 2013 as an experimental multi-objective project to be presented at Asolo (TV) on the occasion of “Fantadia” – International Multivision Festival in collaboration with Francesco Lopergolo. “The vegetable garden of the senses”, in this first version, presents itself as a dynamic interpretation of the Ortho-Grafie and of all their philosophy, replacing the photographic print on earth with the projection on earth.

From the experience of Asolo “L’orto dei sensi” has grown and matured to become a concept.
A work in progress, modular and multimedia, which presents itself as a configurable and interpretable artistic installation in one or more sequential paths.

An experimental approach that blends conceptual and material, developed on the synergy between the expressive power of photography and the material force of sculpture, between the dynamism and the emotional impact of multivisionive narration and the surprising pleasure of tactile, olfactory and gustatory contaminations.

“The orchard of the senses” proposes itself as “dynamic synaesthetic sculpture”.

In his interpretation of reference, a tribute to the Italian agro-food excellences, he foresees a succession course divided into 3 segments dedicated to the Earth and its fruits, to the alchemies of the kitchen and to the seduction of flavors.